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Preparation on progress for International Conference on Urban health 2015!!!

The preparation for 12th International Conference on Urban Health (ICUH) 2015 is on full swing.  On 12th December 2013 the First Preparatory Meeting with the Bangladesh Urban Health Network was held. An adhoc Organizing Committee from the BUHN members was formed during the meeting. And Mr. Dhiraj Kumar Nath, was announced as the President of the Adhoc Committee. After the third meeting of the adhoc Committee , the members proposed the formation of the Advisory Committee, Organizing Committee and Sub Committees. The formation of national organizing committee, advisory committee, scientific committee, resource mobilization committee  and several other sub committees for this conference are accomplished.  At the same time international committees of the same have been formed.

All these committees have met at least once already and shown their commitment to proceed with the preparation of the ICUH 2015. Civil society and development partner’s representatives are actively participating and Eminence is the secretariat for coordinating all the activities. The National Organizing Committee is Chaired by Mr. Dhiraj Kumar Nath, Urban Health Consultant, Asian Development Bank with Prof. Shah Monir Hosain, Consultant , FAO and Dr. Halida Hanum Akhter, CoP, NHSDP as the Co Chair. There are members represented by USAID, DFID, SIDS, CIDA, AUSAID, ICDDRB, BRAC, MarieStopes , EngenderHealth, BCCP, RADDA, Shimantik, Ipas and many others. The scientific committee has members from USAID, ICDDRB, BRAC, Save the Children, SIDA, Dhaka University, Begum Rokeya University and Columbia University. The scientific committee members have decided on seven plenary sessions and 42 Breakout sessions. They have also named potential speakers for the sessions and began the process of approaching them formally.

 Recently a planning meeting was held with the Urban Health Specialist from the USAID headquarters, Mr. Anthony Kolb and the organizing committee members to discuss the different prospects for organizing such conference in a developing country. For ICUH 2015 Mr. Kolb emphasized on addressing the urban health service provisions. According to him for a significant shift in the system we need to adopt programmatic approach to standardize overall health service delivery. Mr. Kolb also suggested some common issues should be prioritized which have particular health outcomes. Apart from that M. Kolb said the outcomes of the conference should include some academic perspectives which can be really functional in developing policies in our country.

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