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Preparatory Meeting for International Conference on Urban Health 2015

Based on the board of director of the International Society for Urban Health (ISUH) decision, the International Conference on Urban Health (ICUH) 2015 will take place in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Depending on the volume of the work, the Bangladesh Urban Health Network and Eminence has already started the preparatory activities through meetings. The first preparatory meeting was held to initiate the organizing process of this conference and in that meeting; a number of issues were discussed to shape the organizing task of the conference. The issues include i) endorsement of BUHN for organizing the ICUH 2015 at Dhaka, Bangladesh; ii) coordinating ICUH 2015 with ICAAP 2015; iii) promotional activities of ICUH 2015 at ICUH 2014; iv) specific committee formation for ICUH 2015; v) involvement of government in organizing the ICUH 2015; vi) resources mobilization for ICUH 2015; and vii) organizing a plenary session for ICUH 2015 at ICUH 2014. A number of decisions came out as directives to organize the conference from this lively discussion.




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