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Terms of Reference

Criteria for Membership at BUHN

Only individual membership will be accepted in BUHN: s/he must be a professional working in public health (concentration in urban health) for at least 3 years. Membership of the Network shall be through application. Every application for membership shall be in writing by the potential member. The right of admission to membership will be vested in the Executive Committee of BUHN.

Eligibility for Membership

The applicant is required to meet the following criteria to become a member:

  • Be a professional from a national/local NGO, development agency, universities, think-tanks, UN organization, INGO, implementing organization or funding agency or freelance consultant in health sector;
  • Have the application for membership approved by the Executive Committee of the Network;
  • Pay the annual fees at the prescribed rate. A member who had resigned or whose membership had been cancelled for not paying annual fees can re-apply for membership. The membership may be restored upon EC’s approval and payment of arrear dues.
  • Members will have their names included in the Register Book for Members.

Fees for Membership

  • All members need to pay annual fees to BUHN within the first month of the financial year.
  • Annual fees for ind would be as follows:
    • Registration fees: 2,500 BDT
    • Annual subscription fees: 1,000 BDT

Responsibility of Members

  • Participate in activities and meetings of BUHN;
  • Update BUHN about their own activities regarding urban health sector;
  • Contribute by technical support to the Network if requested;
  • Paying the membership fees regularly.

Benefits, Rules and Regulations of Members

  • Members will have full access to the website of the Network and resource database on the website, free of cost.
  • Members will get activity-updates regarding urban health: both national and international.
  • Members will get all publications of BUHN free of cost. However, the EC reserves the right to impose fee for any publication.
  • Members will have the right to participate in any seminar and exhibition organized by BUHN.
  • Members will elect EC
  • All membership will be renewed annually

Termination of Membership

The Executive Committee reserves the right to terminate membership for noncompliance with the objectives of the Network. The membership of BUHN may be a subject of termination for the following reasons:

Non-payment of fees

If any member does not pay annual membership fee within the first month of the financial year, the Member-Secretary of BUHN will serve a 30 (thirty) days’ written notice to pay the dues. If a member does not pay within the extended period, all facilities of membership will be withdrawn and EC will terminate membership of the member. However, the EC may also decide to allow another extension of time on genuine grounds but in no case the second extension will be beyond one more month.


Any member can resign from BUHN by giving 30 (thirty) days’ prior notice to the Member-Secretary of BUHN. The Member-Secretary will submit a report to EC regarding any dues outstanding and other relevant information. After getting all dues, a clearance certificate will be issued by the EC, indicating acceptance of resignation of membership

Any Misconduct

Activities of any member having negative impact on BUHN will be considered as misconduct. In such a case EC will ask for a written reply from the concerned member for alleged misconduct. If the answer is not found to be satisfactory then the EC can have the matter enquired in to by a member of EC or a committee set up for the purpose. On receipt of the report of findings, the EC will take necessary steps including termination of membership.

Financial Benefit

Membership will be terminated if a member takes undue financial benefit from BUHN.

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